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Canadian Visual Artist


(posted on 12 Jul 2018)

Just returned from another great trip to Italy ( May and June again this year ). Painting the landscape as usual, I also had the opportunity to do a demo at a rest home ( casa di riposa ). As well, last Nov. when we were back in Italy, I did a demo for the primary grades at the local school. One extreme to another. What fun!

Back home on the west coast of Canada now to do some studio work.

(posted on 17 Nov 2014)

This October, I was pleased to receive a 1st place for my painting " Farm in Provence " in the Victoria chapter of the FCA, in their fall show. This painting is on my website in the " France " gallery.

(posted on 11 Jun 2014)

I am fully engaged with my plein air painting since the weather has been so nice. Off to Italy in a few days. We will be spending most of our time in Tuscany where I will be painting on site. I hope to bring back some good ideas for larger work. --Pete--

(posted on 29 Oct 2013)

We had a great summer here on the west coast of Canada. I tried to make the most of it and I did a lot of out door painting, mostly on the beaches. I've uploaded the images under the 'Plein Air Paintings' gallery. --Pete--

(posted on 12 Dec 2012)

Dec. 12, 2012

Hi all,

Just a technical update: I have started to secure my watercolours on board. I then spray it with an acrylic varnish with UV protection. This does not alter the appearance in any way. I can then frame it like an oil or acylic painting without glass.

(posted on 1 Oct 2011)

We were in Provence again this summer. The timing was perfect for the lavender and sunflowers and has definately influenced my pallette. Except for the odd mistral blowing through, the weather was excellent with only one cloudy day in three weeks. Subject matter was everywhere and I am enjoying interpreting it all back here in my studio in Canada. --Pete--

(posted on 27 Nov 2010)

Check out The Avenue Gallery ( Victoria, B.C. ) in December as I will have some of my smaller paintings for sale as part of their small painting show.

(posted on 7 Nov 2010)
  • Just returned from a fall trip to France ( Provence ). I managed to do some painting and sketching in between the mistrals ( the persistant winds ). It is very beautiful landscape and there will be paintings to follow.
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